Trista is a One of a Kind hand crafted teddy bear from Nessa Bears Made from hand dyed mohair featured in Teddy Bear Times


Trista is a One of a Kind hand crafted teddy bear from Nessa Bears

Trista is 27cm / 11” tall and appeared in the December 2017/January 2018 issue of  Teddy Bear Times and is only just old enough to spread her wings and leave home!.  She is made from 13mm pile spring flowers hand dyed Hembold Mohair and has with jade Ultrasuede pads and paws and English Glass bright blue eyes

She is fully five way jointed with nut and bolt joints for her limbs and a cotter pin joint for is neck.

She is very solidly stuffed with a heavy polyester filling and is weighted  with steel shot in her tummy and her feet so she will stand for you.

She was designed especially for Teddy Bear Times and her pattern was published with explanations and descriptions for hand sewing a similar bear.





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