New for 2022

Well, there are going to be so many new bears on this website soon for 2022!  I have been making bears and holding them ready for shows since they sell so quickly it is usually confusing to put them on to the website, but of course like everyone, I have not been doing ‘real’ shows. […]

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I  designed a lovely bear back in Autumn 2017 and have since then taken the pattern as a theme throughout my bear creations. This little bear was called Trista and she stands 11″ / 27cm tall.  She was designed to take advantage of a beautiful hand dyed mohair I had bought from Tabbyclouds based in […]

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Introducing Missy

With new fabrics becoming available again as everyone gets back into the workshops, I was greatly taken with this lovely pale green wavy Schulte mohair with soft fur of about 15mm length. It took me a while to think of the proper bear to be made from this piece, but I am so pleased with […]

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I had great fun sewing this bear, who said his name was Hagan.  I loved the material he is made from.  It is a delicious soft distressed Old White Gold on a dark brown backing which means as I pulled the fur to make his nose, the deep brown came out and stood against the […]

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Summer – Pheonix and Beau

Welcome to Summer at last after the cold of the past couple of weeks and welcome to Phoenix and Beau!  It would almost appear that we are getting back to our normal, but will everything ever be ‘normal’ again? The world has certainly changed.  I must admit that going out in April was quite pleasant […]

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Lockdown Bears

It is May tomorrow and as I am writing this it is absolutely pouring with rain! It’s a good job it wasn’t like this at 08.20hrs this morning as the Spitfire and Hurricane flypast at our nearby village of Marston Moretaine would have had to be cancelled and such a disappointment to Captain (oops sorry […]

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SALE!! – Claudia and Iris

In my lockdown tidying and re organising of bears and materials, I realised that I have had these two adorable bears for some months now.  Looking back I don’t seem to have advertised them to many people, perhaps I really didn’t want them to leave me! However, I should really find my little lovelies a […]

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