about me

I live in Northamptonshire with my husband of over 40 years and two Oriental and one Siamese cats. The cats help me with my designing and sewing of teddy bears, they love to scratch at the filling materials and will lie on any fabric that I am drawing on or cutting out – but only that which I am working on as it is obviously the most important! Have a look at my Twitter page for some photographs of ‘work in progress’ (with and without cats!)

I have spent my whole life enjoying various needlecraft, designing and exhibiting in shows for a hobby and also creating teddy bears for loved ones. I teach traditional Hardanger embroidery and spend a lot of time doing this to relax along with beadwork which I do as part of my creative release, I am a member of the Beadworkers’ Guild of the UK.

So what are Nessa Bears and how did they come into being? The earliest idea for them came to me over 30 years ago when I made a soft toy for a newly born nephew. It was the first one I had ever made and I thoroughly enjoyed bringing it to life! Then, as with most people, earning a living and raising a family intervened.

I took my Master of Science in Business Management at the age of 50 and with that sense of achievement behind me feel empowered to do anything I like – hence Nessa Bears starting!

Only recently I decided to do something about this need to create loveable friends. I started making my bespoke Bears and was wondering what to call them, my elder daughter picked up on the name my brother has always called me and Nessa Bears was born.

Nessa Bears come to life in Bedfordshire, England and are made from traditional luxury materials. Each has been created as an individual, although they are all from the same family of course! Some have fur of fine mohair and some of quality plush pile and all are meticulously created with embroidered sculptured features and little pot bellies!  We register each 'birth' with the creation of a certificate of authenticity which will come to you with the bear.  If your bear does not have a tag on its back saying Nessa Bears, it is not made by us!

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