Day Filming for TV!

We had a great day here at the workshop filming with ManotoTV+

We met them at the Excel Simply Christmas in November and they wanted to do a ‘piece’ on NessaBears for their Iranian ‘One Show’.  So we had the production team all day in the workshop filming teddy bears and materials.  Long discussions on how the bears are produced and the reasons for colours, materials, components etc.

We made a special Old Gold Mohair bear with them for the programme who they asked to be called Rostam, and of course he had to have a passport to get back to Iran.  They will have to declare his growler and steel shot weighting for customs I guess!

Most exciting day! – and – would you believe it – very tiring as well! They are sending a link to the programme, which will all be in Farsi, but hopefully we will be able to attach it to the website soon but in the meantime, here’s some photos of TV bear Rostam!

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