Two Awards! – Emmeline and Baron Sagacious de Saurette

I am delighted that two of my bears each won an Award at the recent International Alfonzo Bear Artist Awards 2017!

Both mohair bears are now available for you to treasure via the website or contact me directly by telephone or email.

Because, as you know, Nessa Bears have not been creating these special creatures for very long, I entered two very special bears, Emmeline and Baron Sagacious, into two Novice categories of the International Alfonzo Bear Artist Awards which were this year held within the Woburn Abbey Teddy Bear Festival in Bedfordshire in June and am so pleased to announce that each of my bears won an Award!  – a real accolade for Nessa Bears having just started a year ago and a confirmation that the Nessa Bear bears are well made and liked.

Emmeline was entered into the category “A Star is Born”.  She is created from a beautiful violet-on-jade mohair, visit her in the mohair section.   She is named after Emmeline Pankhurst who was so important in the Suffragette movement 100 years ago, the movement’s colours were amethyst, green and white (or as was popular amongst the upper classes, jewellery created from the gems of amethyst emerald and diamonds!) and the colours of this mohair just called to me.  Her sweet little face developed out of the cut pattern and she is a lovely 10″ bear.  She has been on reserve awaiting the results of the competition and final photographs but is now available for you to own and to have your own Alfonzo Award Winning Bear!  Please look on the website…

emmeline-5 emmeline-6

Baron Sagacious de Saurette was entered into the category of ‘Bear with a Profession” and stands proudly in his ceremonial gown and cap as a member of the UK House of Lords!

He came into being as part of a collection called Marquis’ Presentation which was inspired by old TV footage of HM The Queen’s coronation.  I loved the idea of creating bears in ceremonial robes and now they are coming to life with different styling and I am in the process of developing their ‘presentation robes’  It’s very exciting to see them come to life but it’s also quite challenging designing and creating the clothing.

Sagacious means wise or shrewd and when I was completing his face, I felt that this part of his character was definitely coming through, although he can look a little supercilious as well when in his velvet and fur gown and cap don’t you think ? …. visit him in the mohair section.  The photos on the website show his lovely long legs and his traditionally shaped back and hips.

He is made from a fantastic sage coloured string mohair which is such a different material to the thick dense mohairs and gives quite an individual type of bear.  His gown is made of red velvet lined with gold satin and the white ‘seal’ fur cape with black ermine-like spots is sewn from a beautifully soft plush fur.  He stands tall at 18″ and is one of the special Occasion Collection bears and is also available for you to own a really special Alfonzo Award Winning Bear Baron Sagacious de Saurette

baron-sagacious-head baron-sagacious-seated baron-sagacious-gown


I do hope you like these special Award Winning Bears and I am now looking forward to gaining more Awards for my bears

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