TeddyBar Total, Munster, Germany

Well, after an absence of some weeks, it is more than time I added a post of news!

We had a lovely trip to the TeddyBar Total event in Germany in April for the very first time.  It is rather an Arctophile’s heaven! There were over 250 stalls of teddy bears and paraphanalia to wander around, of which we were one.

And of course, what was of most importance to us, the great competitions for the Golden George Awards.

The organiser of the Teddybear Total show, Sebastian, had approached me to take a stall in Münster and also mentioned the Golden George Awards 2018 which are highly coveted awards with a huge number of international participants from more than 20 countries competing against each other in various categories.  3 nominees in each category are selected and a final winner from these receives a Golden George statue about 25cm high of bronze and weighing about 2 kilos! The nominees (ie 2ndand 3rd) each receive a bronze head on a plinth.  Having visited the event now, I don’t think I would have had the courage to enter if I had known what a high standard of absolutely exquisite bears are entered – and so many of them.   It was also so interesting to see the different interpretations of the teddy bear style by the different artists throughout the world, quite a revelation.

As I could no longer enter in a Novice category because of the awards I received last June at the Woburn Abbey British Teddy Bear Artist event, I had little hope but decided to try a bear that may appeal to a wider audience than just the British market.  I amazed when I received an email saying my work had been nominated for an Award and so excited at the Awards Dinner when I was called on to the stage under Oscar-like lights and music to receive a nominee bronze head Award for my entry in Category 2 – single classic bear –

















I had had great fun creating my bear from a gorgeous long pile cream Schulte mohair and putting the right steel shot weight in him so he stood under his own power, then making his kilt and tam o’shanter from a very fine woven wool in Royal Stewart Tartan.  His sporran is a small piece of black leather shaped and sewn with a leather belt.

Then I had to hunt for a means to create the pipes for his bagpipes to get the right proportions to his 40cm height but got there in the end and finished him off with a great pair of rimless spectacles! Hard work, but I do love doing it.

Roll on next year – I am plotting and planning the bear already!


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