The Picnic

The picnic had started and Bertie, Blossom, Buttercup, William and Rose had got there early to set out the blanket and make sure everything was ready for when Daisy brought the cake.

Daisy’s cakes were magnificent. They were why William and Bertie insisted that of course boys could come to a picnic “it is 2016, you know”.

Rose had brought sandwiches, cutlery and plates, Blossom sausage rolls and plastic cups. William had been told that he couldn’t just bring pots of yoghurts again, like last year, they all had so make something. So, he and Bertie a spent all morning making cheese straws.

So proud they were of their baking, they moved everything out from the centre of the blanket and put their box of straws smack bang in the middle. Nobody wanted to mention that Bertie still had flour on his nose and in his fur- they’d obviously had a lot of fun baking!

Daisy was usually always on time but she’d text Blossom to say there’d been a bit of a mishap, that she’d explain when she got there and that she was only just leaving,

“I wonder what’s happened?”, said Rose
“I hope it’s nothing serious”, said Buttercup
“I hope there’s nothing wrong with the cake!”, Said Bertie.
William picked up a sausage roll and threw it at Bertie.
“Hey!”, cried Blossom, “I made those! Put it back or eat it, now!”
William grabbed the sausage roll back from near Bertie and shoved the whole thing in his mouth, grinning. “Sorry Blossom!”
“Honestly, you wouldn’t think such a well-dresses bear could be so mischievous!”
William just grinned- it was a big sausage roll and he was still chewing!
“Now then, who wants some squash?”, asked Rose?
Blossom handed out the plastic cups and Rose poured everyone a drink.
“Mmmm Summer fruits”, said Buttercup, “my favourite”.
“Does anyone want one of our cheese straws?” Asked William
“We’d better wait for- Oh, Daisy! Here she is! Rose waved at Daisy
“Where’s her cake box?” Whispered William to Bertie. Bertie shrugged

Blossom jumped up to meet Daisy, “Are you ok? What happened?”.
“I burned the cake!”, she said miserably. “I’d stayed up late last night working on a new recipe- chocolate fudge gateaux with a cherry jam and vanilla, buttercream icing-“
“Cherries!”, exclaimed Bertie. They were his favourite.
“-But I forgot to put the timer on the oven and fell asleep in front of the TV! I only woke up when I smelt burning and by then it was too late! I’m sorry everyone, the picnic’s ruined.”
“Ruined?” Said William, “We made cheese straws!”
“Yeah!”, said Bertie, “You should try them!”
“And anyway,” said Rose, “what matters is you’re here”.

Everyone nodded and made a space around the blanket for Daisy to sit.
Rose handed round plates and everyone got stuck in.

The food was delicious. Everyone loved William and Bertie’s cheese straws and by the end of it, there was not a single piece of food left.

The group lay on the grass, laying up at the sunshine enjoying being with their favourite teddy bears.
“Ooh! I almost forgot”, Daisy opened her bag and brought out two big plastic tubs. One contained something that looked a lot like cherry jam, the other something that could easily have been a vanilla buttercream-“
“The fillings!” cried Bertie.
“Yep! No point wasting them, just because there’s no cake!” Daisy lifted the lids and put them on the blanket.
Everyone grabbed a spoon and tried the fillings.

They were magnificent.

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