Lizzie – Feature Bear of the Week – Special Price £50!

Meet Lizzie - she's just 20cm tall and came into being during July 17.  She is made from a lovely blush pink Schultz mohair that is curled slightly and is about 10-15mm long.  I made her with a slightly longer muzzle and I think she looks more 'grown up' because of it.

Because of that, she needed a more grown up aspect overall and I went for the decorated straw bonnet with lace ties that are a perfect match for the colour of her fur.  Her deep cream pads and paws of cashmere match the underlying mohair too.  And then to finish her overall look as an older bear -


I found this lovely piece of pink/grey lace from my huge stash to drape around her shoulders.  I sewed the daisies on to her hat and Hey Presto!  a little star comes to life!  Why Lizzie you ask? To tell the truth I don't know!  As she was finished her name just came to me, and believe it or not this happens very often.. weird !

As our featured bear this week, she is available at a special offer price of £50.00 until the end of Friday August 31st 2017 Lizzie

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