Candytuft – This Week’s Feature Bear – Special Price £65!

This week's Feature Bear is the cuddlesome Candytuft - yes I know it is another pink bear but she is quite the sweetest soft furred bear!

At a big 15" or 38cm tall she is a sturdy bear to stand out from the crowd.  She is made from a really soft pink long plush fur fabric that stands up around her head and feet.

I created Candytuft because I found the fur such a lovely material to feel and I could just imagine how nice a bear would be to hold. Her pads and paws are made from a ceramic coloured ultra suede and the long fur curls over them really nicely.  As you can see in the photo, I've trimmed back the fur on her muzzle and around her lovely amber eyes.

As you can see from the photos of her side-on, she has a lovely curvy shape to her and a real 'teddy bear' shaped bum!  She is stuffed with a heavy weighted filling so she feels nicely solid.

She still looks a bit scatty doesn't she?  But she is quite the sweetest bear out.

She is wearing a delicate pendant that I constructed from gold and pink pearls.  The pearls are actually magnetised and can be worn by you as much as the bear as the pendant is supported by a removable ribbon around Candytuft's neck

I hope you like this great bear, as our featured bear this week, she is available at a special offer price of £65.00 until the end of Friday 8th September 2017. Candytuft

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