Dovetail – Feature Bear of the Week – Special Price – £65!

Feature Bear for this week is the super soft Dovetail.

 A gorgeous 15" / 38cm tall and a sturdy bear with a lovely traditional shape - curved back and little hump.  He is made from a really long and soft fur which has a pile of 60mm and is coloured taupe and lavender with white long hairs.  The material is shown here with the long haired outer and the underside of the fabric which shows the white long pile hair on the underside by the white dots.  By trimming the nose the colours are revealed and this really gives him a great nose!  His topaz English glass eyes are rather hidden by his long fur.


This is a lovely bear and he has a secret - I've put a Growler in him!  A traditional growler that is a little drum of about 5cm/2".  As bear collectors will know, these don't actually make a 'growl' but make a noise approximating the sound.  Tip him up and down and he makes a great noise and so retro...

He has cream faux cashmere pads and paws to pull out the cream white longer pile of his fur and large topaz glass eyes.

Dovetail is a lovely bear with a great shape, he has a little curvy behind and a slightly humped top of his back.  Stuffed with a heavy polyester filling, he is nicely rounded bear with strong limbs.  His long fur falls over his pads and paws and he is a great bear to cuddle.


As our featured bear this week, we are offering Dovetail at a special price of £65.00 until the end of Sunday 1st October 2017. 

Meet Dovetail


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