Feature in Teddy Bear Times & Friends

I’m delighted to say that the new Teddy Bear Times and Friends has a great feature on two bears I recently made!

I was commissioned to create a pair of bears to celebrate a 40th Wedding Anniversary.  It was a nice challenge as the bears had to have a mature look to their faces and of course, I had to make them to look definitely like a male bear and a female bear.  So the same, but different.

We decided on a gorgeous caramel toffee coloured kid mohair.  The beauty of a kid mohair is that it is created from one of the first cuts from the animal and so is made of a fine and so soft fur.  This was a lovely dense fabric too. The bears turned out wonderfully I am pleased  to say. With the male bear longer legged and straighter bodied and the lady bear a little more fullness and curvy and shorter in the arms and legs.

The design and sewing of the wedding dress from the original bridal gown was so emotional even for me, thinking that it had been kept safely and with great thought to keeping it white for all those years and then I come along and cut bits out of it! Actually I cut very carefully as the owner wanted to use it to create a christening gown too.  I used lace and press studs from the sleeves and a central motif of lace from the very front of the gown for the centre of Mrs Bear’s dress and I carefully proportioned a ruffle around the bottom of the dres mimicking the original gown.  It was great fun to do.  And as for recreating the grooms suit, well that went rather well cutting from the original trousers and a tie from his wedding tie.

i put armature in the bears so they could pose and link arms which gave a nice final touch! The celebratory day has not yet arrived but I have every confidence the commissioned bears will have a great new loving home!

Mrs Bear Head

Mr Bear


Mr & Mrs Bear



Mr Bear

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