SALE!! – Claudia and Iris

In my lockdown tidying and re organising of bears and materials, I realised that I have had these two adorable bears for some months now.  Looking back I don’t seem to have advertised them to many people, perhaps I really didn’t want them to leave me!

However, I should really find my little lovelies a home where they will be specially admired and loved and hopefully given cuddles 🙂

This is my dear Iris.

Iris is a very sweet little bear – well not so little as she is 35cm (13 3/4″) tall.  She is made from an unusual mohair which has been hand-dyed and felted in a lilac shade which is complimented by her cream ultra-suede pads and paws.  Her eyes match her fur beautifully as they are amethyst coloured English Glass.  I am offering her at a special price during June 2020 of £50.00 as I would like her to have a new home quickly.  Have a look at more pictures in my shop

The other little bear I have found sitting with Iris on a shelf is Claudia!  Again I don’t know why she hasn’t found her special friend before now, I think, like Iris, I have kept them with me rather than take them to shows!

Here is Claudia

She again is the same height as Iris at 35cm and is made from mohair, once again it is an unusual one of hand-dyed felted rose pink and her pads and paws are made from cream cashmere and her eyes are English black button.  She is wearing a pretty little cotton flowered frock with lace trim and a chiffon lace trimmed over skirt tied around her with a cream satin bow.  She is going to be a special price of £57.50 for June 2020.  There are more pictures of Claudia in the shop.

Hopefully June will be more pleasurable to us all than April and May and we will be able to get out and about.  I am so missing bear fairs!

keep safe everyone!



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