Introducing Missy

With new fabrics becoming available again as everyone gets back into the workshops, I was greatly taken with this lovely pale green wavy Schulte mohair with soft fur of about 15mm length.

It took me a while to think of the proper bear to be made from this piece, but I am so pleased with the result.  As you can see, Missy is a delightful girly bear!


Her face shaped itself just to what I had in mind as I had already planned that she should be waving her Bruges lace fan.  Her little mob cap was a great creation for me, I used Bruges lace trim and layered it over an antique piece of peach satin and of course she had to be wearing a pearl necklace with such a pretty ensemble.

I added steel shot to her feet together with armature in both arms and legs.  The armature allows you to bend her slightly longer legs at the ‘knees’ and she will sit on a chair or on the edge of your shelf if the rest of the shelf is full of bears already!

The arms also bend at her ‘elbow’ just enough to curve around and let her rest her fan upon an arm.


I have pictured her on one of my wooden teddy bear chairs so I can show off her armature, this is not included in the price but you will find some at

Hope you like her!

bear hugs

Nessa x

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