Articles in Teddy Bear Times & Friends AND in Teddys Kreativ!

I have given a Free Pattern in the forthcoming Teddy Bear Times and Friends –

I have been extremely busy over the past few weeks, I have been asked again to publish a pattern to appear in the next issue of Teddy Bear Times and Friends that comes out in October 2020.

It is of course very exciting and an honour to be published and I was so pleased to do it.

With it being the October/November issue it does mean that it should give a reader the opportunity and time to produce a lovely bear as a gift for Christmas, so I had to think about making pattern that could be completed comfortably within the time left before the present would need to be passed over.  And size was another thought.  It is obviously easier to post a smaller bear than a large and my design was aimed at fitting in a very common size mailing box – such as Amazon send so much of their orders in – ideal for reuse!

This is he –



So hopefully Gabriel will fit the task!  I am not giving any more information about him, you must by the issue please! Here is the link :

I have given another Free Pattern in the forthcoming Teddys Kreativ –

For those of you who do not know, this a German based Teddy Bear magazine, with articles, patterns and ideas and features in a similar vein to TBT and Friends and is mainly published in German.

I was asked back before we went into lockdown to produce a pattern for a teddy bear for Teddys Kreativ but the publication was put on hold, like a number of things, due to COVID and my pattern is only just now going into publication.

The issue with my little bear pattern in comes out mid October in their November/December issue so this could be another bear you may like to make for Christmas.  My bear in this issue is called Flessan and he is smaller than Gabriel, but again I have aimed the design to be easier to make with simple lines.

Here is Flessan



You can order the Teddys Kreativ magazine on line following this link in October :

I do hope you all have fun making your own Nessa Bears and please, do send me photographs of your creations, to me at or post to me on Nessa Bears on Facebook, or Instagram – nessabears1


In a later issue of TBT & Friends there will be an article about my bear Orlando – he’s the marmalade bear in the picture below and is just finished and on the website together with his friend Casper, another new bear who has armature in his arms and legs enabling him to sit on a chair or shelf edge – always room for another bear 🙂

Bear Hugs!


Orlando and his friend Casper

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