Summer – Pheonix and Beau

Welcome to Summer at last after the cold of the past couple of weeks and welcome to Phoenix and Beau!  It would almost appear that we are getting back to our normal, but will everything ever be ‘normal’ again?

The world has certainly changed.  I must admit that going out in April was quite pleasant with such a decrease in cars on the roads but it does also feel good to hear the world coming to life around us again.

I felt the need to commemorate this a little and so I produced two new little bears. They are made from the favourite little pieces of mohair I have and so they celebrate the bears I have made in the past and give me a boost to the future, which is why they are called Phoenix and Beau!

They are both 8″, 20cm tall with lovely little black eyes and are waiting to be cuddled and loved

keep well everyone!

Nessa x

Beau 10

Phoenix 7

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