I  designed a lovely bear back in Autumn 2017 and have since then taken the pattern as a theme throughout my bear creations.

This little bear was called Trista and she stands 11″ / 27cm tall.  She was designed to take advantage of a beautiful hand dyed mohair I had bought from Tabbyclouds based in Southend on Sea.  This lovely bear had a nice straight back with just a little hook at the top of her neck and shaped arms and legs.  I added a little length on her nose and perked her ears up a bit and in the end when I had finished the sewing and stuffing I really loved her.

I decided to add far more weight to her than I had previously and put little pockets of small steel shot in her feet and her tummy which means she can stand (once balanced!) and sits so nicely and heavily in your hand.

I was delighted to have her and her pattern as an article in Teddy Bear Times for the December 2017/January 2018 issue and to see my bear in print.

She is now ready to leave for a new home and I have finally put her on the website for sale.  I shall miss her but she is a lovely bear and deserves an admiring home

I will go on and make more bears of her style!



Nessa Bears

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