New Issue of Teddy Bear Times & Friends

Please have a look at the new issue of TBT & Friends out next week, I am very pleased to have just started a regular contribution in the magazine which is to be titled ‘A Note from Nessa’

It is going to be a little note each issue on what has been happening at Nessa Bears, if any special bears are made or developments come about I shall be sure to mention them!

This issue caught me as I was just developing the new little grouping of Nessa Mice who, so far, are all taking on the characteristics of Greek heros, so I do hope they can keep up with the daring deeds they are supposed to undertake. I have just a little group of four at present, Hercules, Odysseus, Perseus and Theseus. They have been such a pleasure to develop and shape I have really enjoyed the challenge. Meet Odysseus – I think he is my favourite as he has taken quite happily to wearing a few items of clothing and looking a little piratical when he is wearing them.

More on the Website for you to see,

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